Monday, May 11, 2009

Mighty Quick Mothers' Day Greetings

Because of all the chaos of the weekend activities and of course, Michael's appendectomy issues - the original Mothers' Day plans did not happen.

Instead, we opted for a quick get-together - at the local Dairy Queen. We met with Mom and Dad on the way to meet up with Michele at the approximate halfway point between our homes to get the kids back to their own mom. It was a short, but sweet gathering......

I think the greatest thing I could say about my mom (and dad too), is that I never doubt that I'm unconditionally loved by them - and they feel the same way about me. So, even when circumstances merit changes that aren't able to adequately honor Mom the way we'd like to, she'll never hold it against us - and I'm pretty sure will feel just as loved as ever, just as she makes us feel......

Despite the fact that we had 5 kids running around, John did a great job of making me feel special. He made breakfast for me, Mikayla blessed me with a hand-painted pot with Sweet Pea seedlings (and a beautiful letter) and the kids all worked together (while I got out of the house to get some groceries- something I actually LIKE to do....) under John's "boot camp" leadership, to get the house spic and span before we met up with mom and dad. Wow, that man knows my love language!

Hope you all had a great Mothers' Day - however it turned out!

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Lois Lane II said...

Yea! I'm glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day! =)