Tuesday, May 05, 2009

So Sick of the Rain

I know, I know - this is Oregon. We should expect it. But really? These days of deluges and downpours are making me downright discouraged!!!! I almost started crying when I saw the weather forecast for the week and saw a big 'ol sunshine on Friday with temps in the mid '60's - there's hope!!! (However, after reading Beverly's post, I'm feeling blessed that our weather isn't any worse!)

I hope everyone is doing well. Heather, not to single you out, but I miss you blogging, girl! Hope you are okay. I've been trying to bounce around to blogs, but admit I haven't been as good lately. Since the retreat, I've added a lot more college friends to Facebook and have been trying to extend the contacts we made there through chats and lots of comments. It's worked - last week, I nearly felt overwhelmed by it all.

Actually, my body did get overwhelmed..... On Wednesday night, I was asked to sit on a panel called "Bridge the Gap" at the Trinity House along with four other (very Godly) women (including our head pastor's wife). We'd been emailed questions the girls had put together ahead of time, and let me tell you, they were tough! (If anyone has a desire to see the questions, let me know, and I'll email them to you, I think they are a pretty good resource about what is on the hearts of college gals these days). Unfortunately, about 2 hours before the event, a major headache started coming on. I took some "major" medicine for it as I knew this was an evening I could not be sidelined. However, because of where the headache originated (at the top of my head and not in my usual neck location), when the chills/heat flashes/feelings of fever and disorientedness, and eventual nauseousness kicked in, I was really worried I was getting the flu! I ended up having to leave about 10 minutes early knowing I was declining fast. The drive home was a doozy, let's just say that (I deserved the rebuke I got from my former Bible Study leader who was in attendance for driving home by myself). But, it did turn out to be "just a migraine" and fortunately I woke up feeling about 95% again the next day. I rejoice that God got me there at all, and was able to share some stuff from my heart that hopefully made an impact.

So, yes, I think the big thing right now for the Riley fam is finding balance - particularly in this college ministry. These guys are SO FUN, they seem to like us so much, and we like them right back - that it's easy to get swept into and before you know it, you've lost a little bit of that downtime (that I for one, so desperately need). Fortunately, it just happened to work out that both my kids have "away" playdates afterschool until 5. So, I canceled my time in Brayden's classroom (I'd say "bad mom" but next Thursday is a 12 and a half hour field trip I'm participating in, so "whatever"!) - and the day (all day) is mine. I plan on CATCHING UP!

Thought I'd throw in a fun picture of Heather and Julie - this is how they greeted me at the door when they had me come over to fix breakfast for me last Wednesday.....talk about goof-balls.......


Anonymous said...

Hey Steph, thanks for missing me. It's nice to be missed. :) I want to get back into blogging but the direction I want to go now is all about God (I'm so in love, just can't stop thinking and talking about Him....) - but I wonder if it will increase tensions with my one (non-believing) friend I have in town, or if that should be a concern of mine. She likes to make fun of my beliefs from time to time and I'm afraid one of these days I'm going to snap and make a bad witness of myself. So I've just been taking a break from it all and recharging my batteries a bit, waiting to see what I should write about next.

As Ms. Darbis would say, "Brava" to you for attending a function when you were rapidly deteriorating. I know that feeling of being dedicated to keeping my word and keeping quiet about pain just trying to get through something - but really, you shouldn't have! And I also know about driving myself (while in labor, yeah that's smart) and getting chewed out about it later, and really, you shouldn't have!!

Love ya-

And even this web footed Oregonian is sick of the rain too. My grass is OUT OF CONTROL and I can't mow.

StephieAnne said...

Blessedly, I had John mow the lawn right as it started raining on Saturday (before the bbq), so it's not as bad as it could be. But by Friday, it will be mighty high I'm sure.

I'm so HAPPY to hear about your love relationship with God and would love to hear more details.... I wonder if you could start a private blog and fill us all in.....

Love ya too!

sara said...

oh I am with you! I am in the south and we have not seen the sun for over a week....and the forecast is not lookin good!! I need some sun!! :)

btw, I did get my books from blurb and LOVE them. They are so professional looking and well worth the money. I am posting on it tomorrow. I had some folks from church over for dinner Sunday night and they were all very impressed with them!! Thanks again for that great tip!

Colie said...

yes! sick of the rain. I told Randy it wasn't suppose to rain like this in may - only april (april showers bring may flowers). Ugh - I hope it goes away sometime soon. I'm ready for playing in the sprinkler (something we did in April). It sounds like you are having fun with the college students. I'd love to see the questions if you have time to e-mail them to me! Thanks!

Glad you are feeling better!

Growin' with it! said...

i peeked out from under my blanket long enough to read your post and promised myself NOT TO look out the window for fear of disappointment. ugg this rain!

girl you have the energy and heart and desire and attitude and vibrant spirit that fits perfectly into your new ministry. i'm sure proud of you!

all about said...

(heather and julie and kelli here) just thought we would drop a line and say "what up? we be look'n fly!" we love you!!