Friday, May 15, 2009

Putters Playdate

On Wednesday, both Mikayla and Brayden had playdates with some of their best friends. The night before I had laid in bed thinking how I feel like lately (with numerous season finales of favorite shows) I'd been neglecting giving attention to/playing with the kids. I then remembered I had passes for the local indoor putting course, so, there you go - one of the hours was filled with quite a fun pastime....that, (wow) - Mommy actually participated in. (And, I was actually impressed with my putting performance!)

Next up was Dairy Queen where Brayden and Tanner were so silly - while the girls were angels. I was literally begging the boys to be vegetables in front of the PS2 when we got back to the house as they were so loud! (And it was raining steadily, so no chance of outdoor play). As Brayden would say, "Good times, good times!"

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Anonymous said...

i too had felt guilty last week for how much TV i was watching! i couldn't miss the finales of my favorite shows...but felt bad for the bath night i missed and bed time stories i didn't read. glad to know i'm not alone in my feelings! i made up for it the rest of the week with some good ol' fashioned quality time though. as i can see, so did you! great use of your free passes! what a nice time it looks like you had!