Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Top Secret Message for Blade Girl Jr.

I received this today in my email inbox. I begged Jeff to let me post this, and he said "yes".....So here you go. (This is John's twin brother - and what a special letter to his niece and nephew!)

Dear Blade Girl Jr.,

I have a secret that I'd like to share with you. I too was once a super hero who donned protective eye-wear a powerfully colored teal tank top and in my case, running shorts (alas, I never was able to find a stylish cape) in order to protect and serve the citizens of our community. I found that my outfit allowed me to blend while en-route to carry out and complete my assigned mission's.

There were a few times, when recognized, I was stopped for my autograph. But I didn't allow a few fans to distract me from my purpose. Let me tell you, "if I had a cat for every time I was called upon to 'rescue' a cat from a tree? well I'd have a lot of cats!" and I only have five.....wait ...that is a lot of cats. Hmmm. I think I might have miscalculated with that example.

I digress, nevertheless, I have always been surprised that so very few people realize the power of the goggles - which weren't just fashionable and highly functional during my underwater adventures or missions in the rain, but they also came in awfully handy the few times I had to travel at ludicrous speed. A speed, as you know on your blades, that is so fast it is, well, ludicrous.

I always thought I was alone in my quest to bring laughter and smiles to those I encountered. Never was I as fortunate to have found such a terribly terrific sidekick as you have in Commander Del Oso Jr. And while I hung up my goggles years ago and passed the torch on, seeing the photos of you and the Commander brought back many a fond memory to this aging ex-superhero agent. I thank you for the trip down memory lane.

May you continue to do good work as you don your pigtails, skates, cape, knee pads and goggles.

Sincerely yours, etcetera, etcetera.....
Retired Agent Bili Rubin aka/Uncle Jeff
There were a few photos of me that I found in the archives.


Lois Lane II said...

Oh my gosh, that is too hilarious!! What a fun uncle!

Growin' with it! said...

way to go keeping harmony and getting his permission first! this was a HOOT!

sara said...

oh this was GREAT!!! I hope your kids enjoyed it as much as we did...I know they did!!! Wow, to have a super hero as an uncle!!!