Thursday, January 01, 2009

Nine Positive Things About January

I'm not much of a New Year's Resolution person - it's more of a re-start opportunity to return to the habits that are much more positive for me. In light of that, and this being the least desirable month of the year for me, I'm going to list nine positive things about January - nine, in honor of 2009.

1. Now that January is here, I don't need to dread its arrival anymore. (Seriously, anticipation plays a huge part in my life, and kind of like the rain returning after the gorgeous snow, sometimes it's better just to get it over with).

2. Each day that passes brings us more sunlight. It might not look like it here in Oregon, with every day in the 10-day forecast indicating showers/rain, but I'm believing it is actually happening.

3. (Shoot, I'm only at three, and already struggling....) I will undoubtedly feel better about myself by the end of the month than I will at the beginning. Generally, the end of August and the end of December find me at my heaviest weight, and though I haven't checked the scales to make sure of this, I'm pretty certain this year is no exception. Getting back to the gym and eating better will have me feeling so much healthier.

4. Because January is so cold, there is ample clothing opportunities to hide the reality expressed in Point #3. Love those puffy vests.....

5. Oh, silly me, one of the best parts of January, and I nearly forgot - new TV!!!! American Idol, Kyle XY, The Bachelor (yes, hate to admit I follow that, but I saw just enough of last season's to really like the guy they are bringing back), new episodes of Chuck, and FINALLY, Lost....

6. New activities happening at our church. Our new pastor has some very exciting plans he's unfolding this month.....

7. An opportunity (and it's about time) to start whittling down our budget, and tightening our belt. It won't be exactly fun for our family, but will be a very positive thing for John and I to do together, as well as for our kids to learn better financial management in action.

8. John turning 40! He's VERY EXCITED about this (REALLY!) - as long as I've known him, he's wanted to be older, have some grey, etc. Now, he's getting that wish. He wants a big party... (not sure how that works with Point #7, but I'm thankful that Nancy's husband, Randy, also turns 40 this month so we can plan a party together....)

9. Everything slows down. Gotta say, this isn't a "happy" thing for me, but is a necessary growth period for my faith.. I'm not nearly as good of a listener to God's still, small voice when I'm running at 100mph during the busy times (which often equates to the "fun times" from June through December). But, it's time to start listening, and adjusting - and now's a great time for that to happen.


Anonymous said...

I know, January always feels like a dark month to me. Good for cuddling and reading. I hope it is a month of surprise sunshine for you!

Growin' with it! said...

i loved the last one! so true. and the rain? i'm actually doing better this year *uh yea, it's only been a week of it though right?* but i have my eyes set on february cuz i know the sun will come out again then!

LOST...i'm so with you on that one!

Beverly said...

I'm cracking up that you only got 2 in before you started to struggle for good things!!

American Idol - YAY!!! I saw a commercial for it today! Can't wait.