Friday, January 16, 2009

In Search of Sunshine

This is what it has looked like around here since about 3 o'clock on Monday. It is a dense, very cold, very wet-saturated fog, that seeps into your bones and your sanity.

So, in an effort to regain that sanity, I drove west with Sydney today, and ended up here:
Yes, that would be the Oregon Coast. Nope, not the Oregon beach, most Oregonians know better than to refer to it as a beach, as a "beach" inspires ideas of towels, tank tops, and bikinis - and well, the amount of times of being able to comfortably sunbathe in a bikini on most areas of the Oregon Coast happens to be equal to amount of times we get snow on the valley floor..... At most, a handful of days of the year.

On frequent occasions, when we are socked in with fog, the coast will be gorgeous. And, likewise, (and this happens a lot in the summer), when we have gorgeous blue skies here, it will be damp and foggy there. The change of 25 degrees is not common within the hour and twenty minute drive from our house to Florence.

But, today, I found all I was looking for. Radiant SUNSHINE! It may have still been windy (which is why the sunbathing is usually not an option), but I didn't care. The sun still beamed upon my face.

After taking Syd on a long walk - allowing her to run on her own just a bit to chase the seagulls, we spread out a blanket and I read. I then just laid down so my whole face took in the warmth - man that felt good! On the way there and back I listened to Praise Music - yes, indeed, this short mini-retreat was just what the doctor ordered....

This was taken on the way home - can you see that formidable bank of "gloom" I was headed towards.... Yup, that's hovered right over home.

And, to prove my point, here's what the Dairy Queen reader board said as I drove through town. No wonder I can't seem to get warm enough. I'm guessing at this same time right now in Florence it's about 60 degrees..... Maybe if we don't see sunshine again next week, I'll be coming back......


Bonnie said...

So sorry for the gloom. I don't think I could take it either. Gald you found some sunshine!!!

I still think you should come visit - we had 62 degrees and a full day of bright sunshine. Seems weird when I keep hearing of other places with fog and sub zero temps... but I'll take it. Until I get to jonesin for snow, that is. :-)

Growin' with it! said...

hmm, better bring me next time..ya hear! great idea and i'm inspired to be more spontaneous myself!