Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bachelor Woes


So, confession time. John and I have been avid viewers of "The Bachelor" this season. We caught the very end of last season, just in time for "Jason" to become part of the picture - and we corporately thought he should have been the winner. (Such attention to his son - what a guy!). So, when we found out that Jason would play the starring role - we started DVR'ing. And, after the second episode (the first one got erased) - we were hooked.

However, the viewing entertainment doesn't come without its share of CRINGING!!! And, yes that's part of the fun of snuggling with John and making comments about just how CRAZY some of these ladies are. It's really quite freaky and disturbing. There's the "stalker" who knows every known fact about Jason, every detail about his family - their names, etc. There's the foul-mouthed gal that none of the gals want to have around - and then there's the one that likes "to dominate" - by telling Jason who he should let go and why she's mad at him and wants to slap him when he didn't give her the rose.

But, you know what - there's a reason we like that guy - he let go of all three! Even when he was technically supposed to give one of them a rose. It restores a little faith for John and I - and not to mention that there are at least 3 girls remaining that I think would be really great matches for him.

I know, I know - these things never work out - well maybe once. But, this guy is pretty cool, and well, John and I are suckers for fairy tales........

Oh, and don't get me started on the first 5 minutes of LOST..... so addictive!


Colie said...

You make me laugh! So, one thought on reality shows: Randy's sister just hired a guy who was on "Beauty and the Geek". Since being on the show he has gotten rid of his TV because the "reality" of the show was nothing. They showed less than 1% of what really happened and edited everything else to make it interesting. It makes me think twice about falling for these type of TV shows. Although - once I get hooked it's pretty easy to keep me interested:-).

I hope I didn't ruin it for you - it's just one guys opinion. you can still pretend in the fairy tale:-).

HollieHobbie said...

The only snippet I caught was when he brought one of the ladies' children to visit her on the beach. Is she a good match?
I miss my bachelor parties with my gals back there! I haven't watched it since.

Beverly said...

I only like to watch the last show when he makes his final decision and the loser carries on FOREVAH in the limo!!! I just can't take the way those girls act! Don't they know their parents and grandparents are watching???? haha

Did you ever watch Average Joe where the girl thought she was on a Bachelorette type of show but all the guys were geeky?? That was a great show!

We'll chat after the last show, OK?