Friday, January 16, 2009

Tow, Tow, Tow Your Boat?

Apparently, if Noah's Arc had needed a good tow, this recreational vehicle would have been just the number to lug it around!

It delights me to no end to see Mikayla actively playing with these toys. We've purchased some of the Playmobile sets for her at Christmas for the last two years, wondering if it's really worth the money. But, then, she'll drag it around and it brings back all of the memories of Michele and I using our imagination with the Fisher Price "Little People" sets.

This year, Noah's Arc was under the Christmas tree, along with the camper, and a hampster set (she has eclectic tastes, huh?). Her mixing all the sets together (combined with the yacht Brayden got a couple of years ago - and her zoo set) is a real riot!

Oh, sweet Mikayla. Keep using that imagination - and don't grow up too fast! I love you so much......

(And, oh yeah, regarding my son - he couldn't be happier because DIARY OF A WHIMPY KID - THE LAST STRAW has finally been released. This is one of the only books that Brayden will read "just because"..... He's so happy!)

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