Monday, September 29, 2008

What My Dad's Been Up To

Time to put up a new post in a hurry. I can tell by the very kind responses, that I turned yesterday into a bigger deal than it was - and probably created questions in people's minds like I've felt when I've read similar blogs from other people. Could she be talking about something I did? Nope. Don't worry. Feel free to email me if you're really curious.....

This morning, Nancy and I went to see the projects that my dad has been busy working on for quite some time. They are two houses (family related) situated on property in the Coburg foothills - and they are very impressive. The move-in dates are coming up within the next couple of months for both of them (sooner for the other) and so I wanted to check out the progress and Nancy wanted to see the design ideas and craftsmanship. It's always fun showing off what my dad is able to do to other people. I've grown up knowing he's talented and I guess I take it for granted. He's gifted, that's all there is to it.

Unfortunately, as I was snapping pictures, I didn't really focus in on some of the most impressive parts that my dad was responsible for - rather, things I liked about the house that would make me want to live there. Forgive me, Dad!

This is the water feature in front of the bigger house - this picture only shows part of it-

And, here is part of the water feature in the back yard as well as the view - hmmm, not bad-

A picture of Dad showing Nancy what it took to do all the woodwork in this house-

My favorite feature - this hot tub is only accessible from the master bedroom - on its own little deck, ahhhh, the view, the luxury............

Ignore the dust on this picture, but it is demonstrating the light fixture in which the chains were welded into place to suspend it - and the beams within the kitchen are only there to hide the wires to bring electricity to that chandelier....

This is a snapshot of the exterior of the smaller house, situated just a short walk from the other one-

And, finally, a picture from the second level looking down into all of the woodwork of the kitchen in the second house.


Anonymous said...

I can vouch for Paul's talent. Remember when we went to Florence with you guys to look at that "chalet" he was building a few years back? I was impressed to see what he could do up close and personal. Did he do those water features by himself? Absolutely breathtaking. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for keeping me in your prayers.


StephieAnne said...

Nope on the water features.... That was a different company that did that. Hence the apology to my dad about not necessarily focusing on HIS achievements with the camera.

Thanks Tawnya!

Anonymous said...

The smaller house! {uncontrollable giggling} I think I would like to live in the doghouse there!

That water feature...oh...I would never be able to leave. And your dad's woodwork and craftsmanship - what a legacy. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You would never know the man was just in the hospital! His work is terrific!