Friday, September 19, 2008

Two Steph's, Two Lisa's, and a Nancy

Back in the summer, when we were all discussing things that we'd be doing while the kids were at school in the fall, one mom talked about wanting to take on passions that she'd long ago pursued, but have abandoned because of the kids (in her case, riding horses). It got me thinking that I really ought to devote at least a day a month and hit a hiking trail - hopefully with the company of some girlfriends. So, much to my delight, four ladies joined me today (as well as Sydney) to hike the loop around Sahalie and Koosah Falls. It's one of my favorite hikes, and I was tickled that no one else had done the three mile hike before.

I was also desperately hoping to see some of the foliage turn colors as that is really a magical sight to behold along the McKenzie River Drive. While we're still a bit early, I wasn't disappointed.

About half way through the hike, you come out at Carmen-Smith Reservoir. It's a perfect stopping point to have lunch and, for Syd - go swimming. I was shocked at how calm the ducks were around her - when she got super close, they honked at her, but that was about it. Apparently, the could sense that my dog is really more of a lover than a fighter.

All in all - a fantastic day with the ladies - all of us able to drop off our kids and then be back in time to pick them up again after school. Thanks gals, you made my day. Now, the only question is - where to next month?

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