Saturday, September 13, 2008

Really? You're Serious?

When I mentioned to Mikayla that I planned on decorating the house Friday, she was a little bummed she wouldn't be able to help, but excited nonetheless. I didn't think much about it, heck, I was excited, I'd tried to prep my schedule and the house all week so I could pull out the "Harvest Bins" of decor and go to town.

Now, for those of you bothered (like Michele) that it isn't even autumn, my argument is that it is "harvest season". That's what I'm decorating for - and the leaves are turning color. Besides, I love this time of year so much that I'm willing to put up with any scorn for decorating early just to have the warm-fuzzies when I walk into my house and see it filled with colors of gold, crimson, and browns and smelling like a Yankee Harvest candle.

When I went to pick up the kids at school, the first thing Mikayla said was, "Did you decorate the house?". I was a little worried that she was upset I'd done it without her, but oh no, I guess she was wound up all afternoon that "she couldn't wait to go home" to see what I'd done. Her teacher reiterated this, even suggesting she was a little worried that Mikayla might not be able to focus on her art project because she was so excited (this surprised me - and made me realize how comfortable Mikayla is with her teacher if she's already demonstrating some of her exuberance in class - she tends to be very proper and shy in class until she's totally comfy there).

So, when we got home, the kids walked in and I swear, they walked around as if they were in Disneyland. I was shocked. It's not even Christmas stuff and it isn't THAT much, but to them it represented "cozy" and got them excited about Halloween and things that they hadn't seen for 8 months (like the crimson bean bags and sofa pillows). There was lots of "Brayden, did you see this?" and "Mikayla, come here!". It was so rewarding and surprising to me, I couldn't get over it. I think we, as moms, are so used to doing things around the house without our children's praise (I mean, do you ever hear, "Mikayla, get a load of the way Mom put away all my underwear!" or "Brayden, did you see that Mom got rid of that pink ring around the toilet bowl?") - that when they show appreciation, it's almost overwhelming.

Unfortunately, I found THEM overwhelming by the time the evening came. I was confused as to where my irritability had come from, as I'd had a divine day decorating - filled with all sorts of fun feelings - that by the time the three of us were in the car driving to Michele's (John's gone on a very rare work trip to San Francisco overnight and I'm watching Traig's soccer game and the kids while the Michael and Michele go to their OSU game) - I felt like the noises from the kids in the backseat were like fingernails on a chalkboard. Is anybody else feeling this way? They weren't spending the whole time arguing, but the loud bursts of noise, occasional bickering, and general hyperness had me reeling. I couldn't get to Michele's fast enough to unleash them upstairs with their cousins and retreat to my book for a little quiet time.

Anyway, there's the story of finding myself shocked by my kids' appreciation. What a nice shock to have.....

And, by the way, these pics are for Hollie. Nothing special, but most of it is very cheap in terms of cost, so if you feel like copying any of it, it sure won't cost a fortune.


Growin' with it! said...

gorgeous! i especially love the hay bale! drug my box out today and just couldn't bring myself to do it. so cheers to you girl. and i love that your children appreciate it so much. hmm, need some of that in this house. i'm all alone in the girl department. hmph.

HollieHobbie said...

I LOVE it!!!! Thanks so much for sharing! And I love the way your children got so excited. It gave me goosebumps to read how they couldn't wait to get home to view the transformation. I love it, Steph!
Happy Autumn!

Colie said...

This is so much fun! I remember coming home when my mom had decorated for the fall. It was so fantastic:-). Great job - you have inspired me:-).