Saturday, September 06, 2008

"Can We Leave Yet?"

Once we started having kids, we realized that the two season tickets that we own were probably not going to indefinitely cut it for our family. Two years ago, we did our best to "work the system" and purchase two more tickets within our section, so we'd have a set of four not too far away from where we currently sit. It's almost like a bribery deal in terms of how much you have to "donate" for them to honor your request. We didn't offer enough (which was still a lot!) and therefore the seats they gave us were pathetic and we declined. Last year, we didn't even try - realizing that the actual cost per game really didn't calculate to be of value for the kids to attend. With John at Round-Up this weekend, they're able to attend this game, and then we purchased two extra tickets for Boise State this year. That'll do.

After taking the kids to the game today, I'm now confident that we'll be saving our money again for next year. Despite Brayden's enthusiasm for playing football (in real life and on the PS2), he really isn't that into watching it on tv or in person. Neither is Mikayla. Of course, they talk big about wanting to go to ALL the games with us, but both Steph and I can report that they were ready to leave today after the first quarter.

"It's too hot"
"Why didn't you buy seats over there on the other side?"
"I'm dying, it's so hot"
"When are we going to leave?"

We ended up leaving at half time. Since the game was NOT a nail-biter, and Michele had already arrived at our house (and the game was televised), it was just fine with us.

So, to sum things up -

1.) No season tickets for the kids for next year for sure, and who knows after that....
2.) During the Boise State game, John will be the one sitting next to Brayden. Mikayla sat with Steph today and I got Brayden. I love how he's so affectionate, but his hot sticky hands constantly on my sweaty thighs was driving me crazy. It's definitely John's turn!

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JustMe said...

Apropos to nothing: I LOVE that black and pink shirt!

My DISH gives me the Portland local channels, meaning I don't get some of the televised games. I'm not good at sitting and watching them, but I like having them on as background noise on a sunny fall's a whole "cozy" thing. Yesterday must have been a little TOO sunny, though, I can imagine!