Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Goods and the Bads

Ducks 32, Broncos 37 - Sigh........

There were some definite highs and lows to today's game-

BAD: our kids (this is the second and final game of the season they are attending) were a little squirrely for the first half
GOOD: we all got to sit together for the second half and the kids spent the majority of the time next to the wall - playing wonderfully together

BAD: our FOURTH string quarterback (forced to play because the first three have already been injured) did his best, but couldn't pass to save his life (to the angst of our entire stadium)
GOOD: too late, we discovered that our FIFTH string true-freshman QB (who had hoped to be red-shirted) is a brilliant passer and could be quite the guy to watch for the next four years (provided he doesn't get benched due to a knee injury, concussion, shoulder injury, busted ankle, etc., etc., etc.)

BAD: our THIRD string quarterback was taken out (in one of the first possessions) because of a "personal foul" hit by the other team - which certainly changed the entire scope of the game
GOOD: when their player went down, seemingly unconscious and unmoving - I've never heard the stadium so silent (mid-game). Our players were respectful, taking a knee, the fans were respectful (finally) and when the player came-to and walked off, he received a standing ovation - one of the few times I've been proud of our fans

BAD: and speaking of fans - man can they be ruthless, moronic, and nasty. Some of them have no clue what they're talking about and others don't even know where they're at because they're so stinkin' drunk
GOOD: these same fans helped to completely turn the game around and pull us within five when we were introduced to the new quarterback - another prideful Autzen moment.

Sure, it was a loss - and a bit depressing. But, I never thought this team (particularly after first-string QB Costa got hurt) was headed for the national title. What we did learn from this game is that you can never quite count this team out. They have heart. They can turn it around. They can come a long way in a short amount of time. They took a game that at the 3rd quarter was an utter embarrassment to a nail-biter in the final minutes. A lot could have happened differently that would have given us the win, but if you have to take a loss - this was a respectable one.

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