Friday, September 26, 2008

Apple Day

Today was "Apple Day" for the first graders at the school - which takes me back in time to when Brayden was there and I stood outside in the damp fog for the same celebratory occasion. That's why I knowingly volunteered to do the art project "indoors" - but, yet, still got thrown outside with more parents than needed to supervise the cider press. (The art project came later).

Fortunately, due to the chill I'm already dealing with with this cold, I dressed very warm and spent the majority of the time talking to my friend and neighbor, Kristen.

Despite the temperatures- it was still a priceless experience and I was happy to have Mikayla enjoy such fun. The pictures show her washing the apples, having the parents cut them up, turning the cider press - and then one in her classroom. Happy Apple Day everyone!

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