Friday, July 25, 2008

Tagged by Linda

Please, everyone, don't stop offering advice on the previous post, if you haven't already done so. Great words of wisdom that I'm excited to have in published form for my kids to refer to someday....

Linda, my buddy that I've talked to way more over the web than ever in person, tagged me for this. I might have already done it, but probably varied my answers from two years ago....

Four jobs I've had:

-Health teacher in middle school (yes, that included teaching sex-ed!)
-Head Cafeteria Cook at Canyon Village in Yellowstone
-Dancing Server (when the right songs came on) at Ford Grill (no longer in business) Family Restaurant in Springfield
-Morning Custodian at Splash Swim Center (cleaned gunk out of swim drains - disgusting didn't begin to describe it)

Four movies I can watch over and over:
-You've Got Mail (yes, I cry too over the same scene)
-Miracle on 34th Street (new version - and I cry as soon as they start putting signs up saying "We Believe")
-The Incredibles
-Any of "The Santa Clause" movies

Four places I’ve lived:
-Mohawk Valley, OR (where I grew up)
-Canyon Village, Yellowstone National Park (for a summer)
-Kisumu, Kenya (East Africa - while engaged to "Lance" - for 7 weeks)
-Monmouth, Independence, and Salem, OR - (while in college)

Four TV shows I love:
-LOST!!! (right there with you, again!)
-American Idol
-Stargate and Stargate Atlantis (yes, now it is out there, I am a sci-fi fan, and no longer a closet one)

Four places I’ve vacationed:
-Maui, Hawaii
-Aruba (while on Travis and Stephanie's honeymoon!)
-Lake Tahoe (Linda, you'll have to tell me about your feelings of San Antonia - considering a 4 day trip there next spring)

Four of my favorite dishes:
-KFC Honey Bar-B-Q chicken
-Chicken Enchiladas
-Chili and Cornbread (if it happens traditionally on Halloween)
-Teriyaki Chicken

Four sites I visit daily:
-my bank account
-all of my blog friends

Four places I would rather be right now:
-Hula Grill in Maui
-In Jackson Hole, WY
-Splash Mountain, Disneyland
-Hot tub in Sunriver

4 Blogger friends I tag for this:
Heather (my friend from high school)
Hollie (who I wished still lived here)
Colie (a friend in Corvallis - among Michele's first group of high school girls that she led a Bible Study with in her church)
Bonnie (a new Blogger friend in Colorado)


Gotta GROW with it said...

hey thanks for playing! and san antonio...LOVED IT! we splurged and stayed downtown at the westin. the riverwalk was awesome, hard rock cafe... a blast! sea but it rained. that's something, you might wanna check out. we were used to that midwest weather and don't let it discourage you but they do have some pretty hefty spring storms, some can include a tornado...but DON't let that stop you cuz it really is a fun place to go!

so yea, don't really talk face to face much huh? probably cuz i'm running around crazy on sunday mornin's helping my hubster! someday!!!

StephieAnne said...

Yes, Linda - I'm pretty guilty of being in my own little world at church, particularly when I have the kids in tow.

Any interest in going camping with a big group of us next weekend at Hills Creek Reservoir (that would insure more talk time!)- although Mike's not a camper, he can vouch for the fun factor of the group.... let me know if you think it might be something you'd consider!

Genny said...

I'm glad you stopped by so I could find your blog. I enjoyed reading your lists. Had to smile because I'd like to be in Maui too! Sounds like you are a writer also...good luck with your book!

Anonymous said...

Hi! - I just put my answers up - thanks for asking!

So cool to know some "trivia" about you. :-)