Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fresh Start

Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments.  I had lots of dreams last night of losing my vehicle, computer - and more or less my mind in attempts to figure out where I misplaced them all.  At least, when I woke up, I was already used to the idea that my computer was indeed gone and we had been robbed.

I also appreciate everyone's sympathy regarding locking the doors.  That's one of the hardest things about the whole thing - I'd almost rather they smashed a window or something so I wouldn't feel the blame.  But, getting everyone's input has really helped ease my conscious..... thank you.

So, as Heather eluded to - today is our birthday.  We had originally planned to go back to the Aquatic Center, but the last thing I did on my old computer (boo-hoo-hoo!!!) was check the weather for today and it didn't look pretty.  Sure enough, we woke up to rain - not the first time, and not the last it will happen on our birthday - but, rare nonetheless.  

Yesterday, Michele and I made the decision to meet at her house and then head to Lincoln City - which is exactly what we chose to do.  I'll address that in the next post.  But, first, I got to meet my hubby with the kids at the Original Pancake House and have my favorite cherry crepes.  The kids were in such sweet moods this morning - it was so rewarding, and pretty much the best gift I could ask for from them.  They were so concerned about my welfare - I think I'll give a few examples at the end of the post.  (Can you tell I have a lot to say, and can't keep up with my thoughts?)

So, when we arrived at the restaurant, John was already waiting and there was a Starbucks bag on the table.  "That's sweet", I thought, and probably right up our budget right now as far as gift giving goes.  However, the present wasn't from him, the Starbucks Biscotti and Flower Mug was actually from one of the employees at the location John went earlier this morning for his quiet time.  John got to talking with her, told her what happened yesterday and that today was my birthday, and she put together a present for me.  I've never even met her!  Very honoring. 

John then handed me print-outs of my emails and comments you left for my previous post as he knew I wouldn't be able to check them this morning.   What a man.  And then finally, he gave me this:
Yes, inside this very cool bag is the new laptop I'm using right now.  That man of mine had already gone down to the Mac Store, notified and consulted with our Home Owner's Insurance, and reported to the police department the serial number of my old computer.   He had determined that if we kept our claim under a thousand dollars, our rates would not increase, and by the time we pay the minimal deductible, it would just work to go ahead and purchase the new version of my old laptop.  (And that includes "AppleCare" too - oh yeah, they'll pay for all of the problems that come up for three years).  

So, essentially, I walked into that restaurant with a bit of a downer attitude, and walked out with a fresh start.  Because of the encouragement of you all and my friends that had emailed, I found a fresh perspective on the big picture when these sorts of hardships happen - and because of my incredible husband, I got a fresh sense of purpose with the excitement of starting all over, with my brand new baby.  The day got better and better after that - amazing what a change.....

Regarding the kids - both of them woke up with the first words on their mouths - "Happy Birthday Mommy" - complete with hugs.

When Brayden realized we had left his Nintendo DS (a very prized possession) home when we were already en-route to breakfast (and had planned to be en-route to Michele's) I asked him if it was important enough to go home.  He said, "It is, but it's up to you, Mommy, it's your birthday, so whatever YOU want to do..."  With that attitude, I decided we'd be making a little pitstop back at the house before heading to Michele's.....  (Besides, it gave me another chance to double-check all of the doors being locked!!!!)

Later, in the car on the way up north, Brayden asked if it had been a good birthday for me so far.  I said, "Yes, and it means a ton that you are asking".  He said, "this morning, while I was taking my shower, I almost cried because I was so happy for you".  I said, "I'm almost crying because you are telling me this!"  Way too sweet - and a while it is a side we see from time to time from Brayden, it always takes us by surprise.  So, here I am, recording it for it to be remembered forever.  He actually cuddled next to me when I went to bed last night - and ended up falling asleep.  His presence eased my heart and put me to sleep- he gave lots of special gifts to me this birthday.....


Jodi said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Your card is written, sealed and addressed on my kitchen counter. I need to get a stamp. I figure better late than never!


Anonymous said...

Wow, do you ever rent John out for friends' birthdays? (Hint-hint: is he free next June 20?)

I'm so happy to hear that God brought joy for your tears!

HollieHobbie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Steph!

Stephietoo said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Stephie and Chele!! Although, I did call you guys yesterday to wish you a happy birthday, so I don't feel bad commenting a day late on here. :o)

I was so happy when you told me about your gift from John. You sure did seem in a very uplifting and happy mood when I spoke with you.

I hope K-Bear feels better; I hope you guys are having a blast; I will see you when you get back.


Gotta GROW with it said...

so i'm feeling a bit bad that i was so consumed w/ thoughts about your incident at i didn't notice comments that it was your bday!?

and...*what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man* you have there. and it sounds like it was sweetly handed down to his son!!

the bday post and pictures sure did look like a wonderful day. my sis is 3 years older but our bdays are a day apart, so i (hmph) had to "share" many of them w/ her. you are much kinder about the issue! but who else would you want to share it w/ right?!

happy bday!

Anonymous said...

First off, Jodi gets credit for reminding me about your bday.

Secondly, I was just reading in the Costco mag about Lojack...possibly you've now already heard of it? Could be a good investment for your new baby.