Saturday, July 19, 2008

"More" and "All Done"

While Brayden spoke very early for a baby, Mikayla was much more average in learning to vocalize her needs, and because of that, we taught her a handful of sign language motions to communicate. Some of our favorites that we still use today (in fun) are "More" and "All Done". I love the "All Done" especially, something about waving your hands around is just fun (and memorable in a special way).

Those were two signs that we should have put into implementation today as it could have saved us all some vocal energy. The kids would be the ones communicating "More" and the adults would have been expressing, "All Done".

It's been 12 days in a row that Michele and I's children have been together. You'd think they'd be tired of it, but outside of the Schilling kids missing their daddy - I think they'd pretty much be okay to go on endlessly. The problem is, though, is that when they're all together, the fun and energy definitely rises up several notches. While we look to find some sort of routine together (particularly in the morning and evenings of camp), we just never quite find a rhythm that flows at a pace we could continue endlessly. Which means BIG fun for the kids, BIG tired for everyone, and BIG let-down when it all ends.

Today was the last day together. The Schillings left at around 4:30, but before leaving, we had to make sure the day matched the pace of the previous (nearly) two weeks. We took the boat out and since Cottage Grove Lake was so choppy, we thought the innertube would be the best use of our time. Traig, Nati, and Brayden rotated through the two seats and finally, all three were on at the same time (Traig and Nati sat in bob-sled position so they could both hold the handles). I'm guessing they were out there for over an hour and a half (through all the rotations) - grinning ear to ear, yelling for more and more. Those three surprised us with their increased courage level in thrill seeking (not sure if that's a good thing) - even a month ago they would not have wanted John to take the boat nearly as fast or get the tube to jump at all. (We're still talking MUCH SAFER than what you often see on a lake - especially since the kids are actually seated and have secure positions within the tube). However, one particular wave bounced the tube just right - and out flopped all three children. We whipped the boat around in concern to pick them up only to find them pumping their arms in exuberance yelling, "That was awesome!", "Let's do it again!" and "More!". That's when we responded, "All Done"! Good grief, kids, what does it take to get you to realize, enough is enough?

But, I don't know if they, as kids, are even capable of grasping that thought, as it seems us adults quite often can't grasp it either. If something brings pleasure or happiness, why wouldn't we want it to continue indefinitely? Michele and I fought that all week, dealing with our up and down emotions in a week where we felt like we should be "making the absolute most of every moment" - as it would be "all done" all too soon.

Which brings me right back to that personal favorite of Heather's blog - sometimes, "More" is not always better, and "All Done" can be a very good thing. Even when it doesn't always feel that way.......


Gotta GROW with it said...

man, now there ya go...making me think deep! ;o)

i have caught myself using "all done" hands w/ henry when i am sick of playing "throw the ball a million times"! like he'd understand.

and girl, i was sure proud of your hubby...and all those humble, incredibly brave and wonderful people on stage this morning.

his cardboard surely reminded me of that in my own life. different story but same feeling. God is one awesome Father!

StephieAnne said...

Love the picture, Linda!!! Great smile. John really appreciated your comment - he LOVED the opportunity, gets such a kick out of giving his testimony on any occasion he can. Funny, each time he presents it, I find out some new naughty thing he did as a kid.....

And, yes, that dad thing - he's still in our life on a very limited basis. I think I put a post up of him in early December when we visited him at the nursing home he's at (just across Coburg Rd. from where you're at) - it kind of sums things up.

richard said...


As a Dad, (John will understand this) there is a certain swell of pride when your kids yell "Faster, Faster!" from the tube and can shake off a good tumble!

I sure miss my boat while I am over here, sounds like you and yours had a great week!


Gotta GROW with it said...

okay, maybe it was all the christmas candy, food, decorations, you always so skinny and gorgeous..even in a mrs. santa apron...i didn't find the post. i'll try again later.