Friday, July 04, 2008

More 4th of July Memories

Just finished watching "Independence Day". That's become a bit of a tradition on the 4th in and of itself - twice now I remember vegging during the afternoon with that on the tube. Unfortunately, I find it just too good of a movie to even nap to, which I really should be doing as I'm very sleep deprived. (But, hey, the 4th lands on a Friday this year - so tomorrow - I'm sleepin' in, Baby!).

We did our usual Harlow experience this morning. We were a little bummed that the go-carts and bumper boats didn't start operating until 1, but as the pictures demonstrate we found a way to occupy ourself until then. I got the chance to chat with my buddy, Lindsay, for a while, and then of course the family opportunities withboth moms and my dad and the kiddos. The one picture of the little boy at the water fountain is Christy and Sheldon's son, isn't he a cutie?!

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