Thursday, July 03, 2008

Drive-Ins and Bounce Houses

In the ultimate effort to offer only the best for our young-ins, Lisa, Amy, Michele and I set off for the Motor Vu Drive In and (can't remember the name) the old wooden skating building right outside of Corvallis off of Highway 99. On certain days, they bring in inflatables so you get to bounce instead of skate. That was our choice. "Wall-E" at the drive-in was the entertainment Wednesday night, and this morning we worked our little tails off doing obstacle courses and climbing up massive pyramids in order to slide down. In between, we spent far too little time sleeping at Michele's house.

Regarding the drive-in, we finally managed a comfy way to park and view the movie. We pulled out both bench seats in my van and set up some mats. Unfortunately, we arrived early enough so we would be sure to have a good spot, which meant the kids were bored for two hours waiting for the movie to start. Fortunately, once the movie started, the kids all settled in and were very happy - and very much enjoyed the movie. Can't say that it was one of my favorites, it kept my attention, but wasn't what I consider a "cozy, feel-good classic". Clearly, the picture of Amy's vehicle demonstrates that her carload weren't quite so successful in finding appropriate, cozy places to view the movie.

The bounce house event was equally fun. Like I said, it kicked my rear-end in trying to keep up with the kids. Particularly the obstacle course, you had to dive through a tunnel, climb up a slope with a rope ladder, slide down, get through a small hole, then dive through another hole (in which there's only one, so you and your competitor have to fight who gets through first) and then another hole, and finally a bunch of pillars at the end. Occasionally, some of our boys laid in wait in between the "holes" to grab ankles and "catch prey".... Yes, we took our lives in our own hands this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for so many wonderful memories. You are the best and we love you!
The Meyers Clan