Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh What a Night

Promise - this one is G-rated. Sorry I've been a bit distant, I've been trying to keep up on the house which has actually contributed to the mini-funk I've been in. I've decided that if anyone ever wants to approach me with something they want from me, or something a bit overwhelming, they are much likely to get a positive response from me if my house is clean. (Note: If you want a favor for me, depending on how much it's worth - consider coming to clean my house first.....). It's just a factor in my life that can chain me down when it's not in control.

Another thing that can really rip you out of a state of self-centeredness is getting the phone call telling you that one of your best friends is headed to the hospital in an ambulance with symptoms very much mirroring that of a heart attack. This happened Tuesday night, when Stephie called to tell me that Travis was indeed dealing with chest pain, shortness of breath, limb weakness, etc., etc. His dad called 911, he raced him to the nearest fire station (his dad lives out a ways...) and the fire dept. folks decided to send him on to the hospital. When we found out, John headed right on over there, met up with Stephie - and later on, Dennis.

Turns out, it was a potassium deficiency (mixed with exertion in the sun - not a good thing), but we all believe that was aggravated/brought on by his body's severe allergic response to the sulfur based antibiotic that he tried last week for a run-of-the-mill owie he had that was infected on his knee. It completely sidelined him - keeping him out of all of the 4th of July festivities with all of your severe allergic reaction symptoms. Scary, very scary. Travis is already allergic to Penicillin, so he's running out of options when it comes to fighting bacteria these days.

The whole thing really illuminated our relationship with Travis and Stephie and how much more than friends they are, but rather, FAMILY. They have practically adopted our kids in as much as my mom and dad have practically adopted them. The situation was a bit of role reversal of the time Travis came to see John when things were looking pretty dire for him at the very same hospital. I'll have to blog that story when life gets slower - it's very poignant.

Unfortunately for Travis, doctors orders mandated he stay away from physical activity for two days which was a point of contention between him and Stephie. He wanted to golf yesterday (at Pronghorn, no less!) and Stephie said, "not a good idea". John broke the argument by going to get the above mentioned "doctor order", and, as a result, Travis had to stay at home yesterday. I stopped by with a Costco pack of bananas (pretty sure they'll get thrown away) to see how he was and you'd think nothing had happened. But, it did, and it shook us all up - and we're so glad our "little brother" is safe.

Okay, on to a little whining on my behalf. We're coming up on another long stretch with Michele's family - so, when we met up at the Corvallis Water Park yesterday, I went ahead and took her kiddos with me so they could attend the last two days of VBS with us and Michele and Michael could have some quality time together.

Upon returning from Adam's "Ride-Able" Open House (think horses helping kids with disabilities - just like a recent Extreme Home Makeover episode) - Brayden complained of feeling a little carsick. Nothing alarming there, playing DS in the backseat along a windy road might leave you feeling that way. But, I didn't take his concerns seriously and pretty soon last night's dinner was all over the hallway - again, and again. One of those where the stench alone would, by itself, send you hurling. Okay, let's clean that up - and move on.

Got the boys set up in the bonus room and the girls and myself set up in Mikayla's to watch "Scooby Doo". Lately, Nati's feeling the pressure of this big, big world and is feeling a little more insecure - so I wanted to be there for the "I miss my mommy issues". The girls finally fall asleep, but a double bed with me, Ellie, and Mikayla was a little tight. Then, bless her heart, Mikayla started snoring with just the lack of repetition that wakes you up when she snorts. Okay, they're all asleep, I'll go in and sleep where I'm supposed to - with my hubby. But, it was warmer in there, and John has been sick, so I was I worried I'd end up waking him up. Nevertheless, I found my silent spot on our king size bed without him knowing I even came in, and nearly fell asleep - until - the big diesel truck started up in our neighborhood and roared off, with the window open, it sounded like a construction zone. John's beginning sounds of snoring sealed that deal - and I was off to the couch. Just as I was nodding off there, Mikayla started coughing - and coughing - not sounding good, yes, she'd worked herself into a full on night terror (a little past midnight...). Poor thing, it's been a while, just so scary to see those little eyes open, in terror, and fixated on something unseen. I eventually, a little past one, finally nodded with both girls next to me....

I think that's a long enough post....if you've gotten this far, congratulations for wading through it.


richard said...

Bananna's - Potasium, classic... Sounds like something I would do! Missing Golf at Pronghorn, that hurts!

Sounds like your a busy girl!

Colie said...

WOW Steph, you must be exhausted! Are Mikayla and Bradyen feeling better today? I hope you can get a nap in:-).

Just returned from Osborn and I think today was a much better day (yes, I talked to Michele)! We stayed past the tot time and there were very little people there. It was fun!

Finally, I'm happy Travis is okay. It's so wonderful to hear about your relationship with Stephanie and Travis. Friends can become as close as family!

Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious. Of course I read your entire post, and felt more and more like giving you a hug as I went.

Just remember: Don't make any big decisions or have any major confrontations in your current state! Satan would love to have a field day while you are at a low point.

Oh - and I TOTALLY get ya on the house thing. The clutter just kills me, my mood, my outlook on life, everything. And I'm in that place right now, too - I want to pack up my house and donate it to Goodwill then go live in a motel where the maids can clean for me every day.