Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pedicures and P.F. Chang's

Birthdays are always a good excuse for indulgence, so we use our birthday and its appropriate timing in the middle of summer to drag our 3 best buddies to our local spa and have a pedicure. Because Bello has re-located, we are now able to have all five of our service simultaneously - and probably because of our "loud-ness" in the past - they now have the pedicure room completely shut off from the rest of the area, so the "tranquility" of the spa is not lost on our silly conversations! Lisa was so relaxed this time, she nodded off twice (we wouldn't have known if she hadn't admitted it, but it was pretty obvious she was in her own little world- apparently, our being loud didn't affect her!). Needless to say, it IS an indulgence, but a little piece of escape that is quite heavenly.

Michele had yet to enjoy P.F. Chang's, and since it was on my list of "summer things to do" - we headed over there afterwards to dine alfresco on the enclosed patio. Michele was delighted with my food suggestions - yet another restaurant where the twins end up saying, "Yeah, I'll have exactly the same as her"..... Two more friends joined us, it was a wonderful lunch.

As for our girls - they spent the morning and early afternoon with Grandpa and Grandma - taking walks, riding horses, picking (and EATING) blueberries, and then heading to Chuck E. Cheeses. Oh yeah, they had a WONDERFUL day..... (Thanks again Mom and Dad!)

We are now lounging around watching "Scooby Doo" with the girls as we just finished re-watching both "High School Musicals" (Do I admit that that was our choice and not the kids'? I completely forgot to put those two on my list of movies I can watch over and over).

Where are the boys, you might be wondering? Well, they are with their daddies this weekend for the "Sons of Thunder" Father/Son retreat at Camp Tadmor. We both got phone calls from our hubbies this evening - each reporting a grand time. Apparently one of the highlights was all of the boys "bathing" in mud.....(I guess Mark was the brave father that joined them). Of course, being the mom that I am, one of my first responses was, "What was Brayden wearing [that is now ruined]?" John quickly corrected me in letting me know that that isn't the point of this weekend...... I deserved correction, but couldn't help myself for asking! They'll be home tomorrow, so be prepared for lots of pictures as John took his camera and I'm sure filled the memory card.....

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whose toes are those? Very pretty picture! and I am still thinking about the "advice post"so I will respond to it as soon as I can.