Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Sample of Our Last Week

As previously posted, last week was a very busy one. Michele and I were commenting today that we can't believe it's just been a week since the party we attended last Saturday, we've done so much it feels like it's been several weeks. I guess that's a good sign of having a very memorable time together. Lots of pictures in this post - I'll begin with the Fairy Tale Dance Camp Recital:

Princess Ellison
Princess Erica
Princess Natalia
Princess Christina (looking like she's just been crowned)
Proud Grandpa and Grandma!

Next up, a shot of the boys after Sports O Rama Camp - they had a blast playing kickball, water polo, Dodgeball, Capture the Flag, Hockey - Brayden right away requested that he could do it again next year-

After we picked up the boys (after watching the recital), we celebrated the week's end at Dairy Queen:

And, finally, a few pics of adventures at the swimming pool - too cute.....

Despite the craziness, it really has been a great week. I think the next post will include lots of fun pics of John/Brayden, Michael/Traig and Mark/Andrew at Boys' Round-Up. John's sent me a few pics via his cell phone and they are having a blast.....

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Stephietoo said...

They have got to be the most beautiful girls EVER! I am not biased or anything, though. Chele, that picture of Nati is absolutely beautiful! You guys make some pretty cute kids...... Maybe you need to make some more?!? Please? For me?