Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Couple of Questions 75

Alright, I've been thinking about this one for a while, trying to turn it into a game or something. But, I figured if I went to that extent the results wouldn't turn out as fun or creative.

Here's the gist - stemming from the "I Have Never...." game, your goal is to come up with a "couple" of things (2-5, or whatever) that you have never done that you would assume most other people have done. Try not to be so obscure that really only you could have been the only one to not have done that - for example "I have never occupied a womb by myself" - hee hee. That doesn't tell you anything interesting about me, but it is technically true.

Now that being said, I have been wracking my brain for interesting things to put in the comments as for what I have never done - (my last thoughts before falling asleep) and they are pretty lame. Oh well, I'll set a standard that you don't have to be interesting to participate! Also, feel free to re-comment as you find yourself relating to some one else's "I Have Nevers....."-


StephieAnne said...

I have never been to see a movie by myself.

I have never tasted an avocado.

Outside of a travel guide, I have never read a non-fiction book simply for the fun of it (never for the purpose of pleasure reading).

Anonymous said...

What?? Oh Steph, all 3 of your "never's" are totally shocking. I would like to give you a long lecture but instead, here goes:

I have never been to Disneyland or anywhere in California south of The Redwoods.

I have never tried cigarettes or any other recreational drugs (not that I think you guys are a bunch of partiers but I figure most people have at least tried one puff).

I have never had a mani or pedi (but that will change after Saturday!)

I have never tasted an energy drink.

I have never had a surgery, broken bone, or stayed in a hospital outside of childbirth.

This is fun!

Anonymous said...

By the way I have done all 3 of Steph's "nevers" - did you want us to tell that as well?

In fact I'm hoping to go see the musical "Once" BY MYSELF tomorrow night in Salem...I love avacadoes...and I just finished reading Seven Years in Tibet which I recommend. Now you can come unglued that I've never visited Disneyland!

StephieAnne said...

Heather, visiting Disneyland, that's just a bummer, I can only take comfort that you will be able to someday fix that as you are the pedicure (or manicure). My first one of those was just three years ago (I think). Never ever smoked a cigarette or any other drug either - and never will. I think I can safely say that.

And, congratulations on the hospital thing - that is an amazing (and seriously cost-reducing) achievement!

HollieHobbie said...

I have never not had sex before I was married.

I have never been completely successful with a diet plan

I have never stuck to an exercise regimen

I have never been into Harry Potter

I have never had a boob job

HollieHobbie said...

Yeah I'd have to take a drink after hearing Steph and Heather's......

HollieHobbie said...

ps, Steph, this is fun!

Jodi said...

Ok, Steph's were shocking to me as I was eating an avocado as I read it (and I LOOOVE avocado) and I just bought three non-fiction books on Amazon, one arrived in the mail today, my fave reads, and I love going to movies alone. As far as Heather's, the only one I could agree with would be the energy drink one.

So this is hard, but here are mine:

I have never eaten a root beer float.

I have never voted for George W. Bush.

I have never skinny dipped.

I have never read an entire science fiction book by choice.

That last one is just to shock Stephanie...well, she won't be shocked, but perhaps have the same feelings I do about her never eating avocado.

Maybe we should agree to try one of each others "nevers" just for fun...I'll bring you an avocado tomorrow. ;)

mrsquigs said...

I have never riden in a limosine

I have never seen the movie "Forrest Gump"

I have never seen a baby born

StephieAnne said...

Enough about the avodcado! It's icky green and slimy...... enough said! Hee hee..... As for the non-fiction, I really love Christian fantasy/semi sci-fi books as it truly helps me see Christian truths in such a fresh, different perspective. Also, when Jesus made up fictional stories to make His points in the Gospel, I'd certainly be His target audience! Not that I have a problem with non-fiction (at all) - just love my fiction reading........

Jodi - I think you mostly DRINK a root beer float vs. eating one - I won't ask you to try and prove it as I know you do NOT like root beer, I'm surprised about the skinny-dipping - would have thought you'd tried that at some point in time (I have).

Hollie - never had a boob job either, and have never read Harry Potter

Lisa - I feel such guilt about the seeing a baby born - if only Mikayla hadn't arrived in such a hurry...... and no, Stephietoo and Lisa, I do NOT plan on offering a third opportunity - I think Stephietoo needs to do that for you Lisa!

Stephietoo said...

These answers are great!

I have never ridden in a limo either, Lisa! I have also never seen a baby born. (Still am bitter about that one, Steph! And, if I gave that opportunity to Lisa, who is going to give it to me??) :o)

I don't think I have ever read a sci-fi book......

I have never watched an episode of Stargate (that one was for you Steph!)

You guys are right, this is fun!

I have never eaten lobster (I have had a piece in my mouth, but quickly spit it out.)

Hollie - I have to say that I have never not gotten a boob job. (I had a reduction several years ago.)

Ok, I must get back to work now...

Anonymous said...

Hey, can we revisit the boob job experience in another 20 years?

hahahahaha. At least after 3 kids I can sleep on my stomach again, if you know what I mean...

Holliehobbie was cruel to bring up the whole diet and exercise thing. Now I have to check that box too.

I've never read scifi for pleasure either, although I remember being pleasantly surprised in high school by how much I liked some of my assigned books.

Colie said...

This is hard Steph! Here I go:

I have never been snow skiing.

I have never been drunk (but do enjoy a drink).

I have never been on a cruise ship.

I also have never tasted an avocado (I don't think) nor have I ever been to see a movie by myself.

*Jodi - you should really test out the skinny dipping thing - it's great!

Fun Game Steph!

StephieAnne said...

Steph - Stargate, first of all, did you need to bring that up? And, second, because you did, I might just have to turn you into a follower (hey, Eureka is FUN)-

Colie - never been drunk either, although not sure what the true definition of that is (never had a hangover, remember everything, but perhaps have been a little "tipsy"), and also have never been on a cruise ship - although I would love to remedy that on a Disney cruise someday. Thanks for sticking up for me with the avocado thing.

I think we are at a record number of comments - yeah!

HollieHobbie said...

I have never skinny dipped either! I know, I know hard to believe....

I have never snow skied either...again...I know, I know coming from this Northern Maine alum

And I have never seen Stargate....what is Stargate?

And I have never seen a baby being born, but that is not a high priority for me either. I'd rather skinny dip. Maybe at Colin's Campout???

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, never been downhill skiing or ridden a ski lift (part of the reason I've never skiied).

I've never seen a baby being born either - man, why would anybody want to "look in the mirror" at themselves while doing that? But I would be honored to be there for my grandchildren's births.

I've never lived outside Oregon, or east of the Willamette Valley (just for you, Jodi...)

I've never played those big lottery games (just a few of the scratch-offs).

I've never been baptized (I keep waiting for the perfect time or obsessing about what to wear).

Jodi said...

All right, I've checked back regularly, this is fun. I have never snow skiied or watched stargate or been on a cruise ship. I have also never eaten crab or lobster or really any fish outside of Tuna and a few bites of Salmon when I was younger. Oh and for the record, no boob job here nor plans for one in the future.

Steph...I have watched Aaron eat many root bear floats and he always uses a spoon AND a straw, so techinically I stick by my choice of words...:)

StephieAnne said...

Alright Jodi, I stand corrected on the root beer floats.

Heather, you're coming up with more and more..... (no comment on the skinny-dipping, though, I see!) You've got me on a lot of them. I think you should invite us all to be there for your baptism when you finally take the plunge!

chelelara said...

I have to go through the process of signing in all over again if I comment without having my own blog. I so rarely have the time to do this at one sitting so I have not commented much lately - but I couldn't resist this challenge.
First of all though - Colie- lovely pics of your perfect daughter
Heather - I've driven by the Extreme Home Makeover house twice now with the kids - how very exciting that you get to be a part of that....
Now, to my "I have nevers..."

I have never colored my hair (although the multitude of white hairs popping up frequently tell me that I should)

I have never eaten at Burgerville (that's for you Steph White)

I have never "truly" kissed any man but my husband

I also haven't had a boob job, haven't been on a cruise ship, haven't eaten more than a bite of avocado, and have never enjoyed an energy drink...

I can't believe the number of comments... how fun!

amy said...

I have a hard time believing that Hollie has never skinny dipped!

This one was hard for me...I don't think any of them are earth shattering.

-I have never had a completely clean house.
-I have never used an illegal substance.
-I have never eaten eggplant.
-I have never been to Lake Tahoe
-I have never been inside my next door neighbor's house.
-I have never had a teenager as a son or daughter, but will on Saturday!

Anonymous said...


I've been sifting through my dusty mental albums and can't remember skinny dipping...not that I wouldn't like to try it. I have been known to take my chances walking from the shower to my bedroom on many occasions (surprised none of my neighbors have gone blind).

I really want to be baptized in a river. My dream is to go to Israel and be baptized in the Jordan. But if I do it somewhere more practical I will certainly invite y'alls!

2 more hours to Extreme Makeover!