Sunday, July 22, 2007

Not Exactly What We Had in Mind....

....But we made the best of it-

The intention for today was to celebrate our birthday on the lake with Mom and Dad, Travis and Stephie - and our family as well as the Schillings. But, at about 9 am, the weather wasn't looking so promising and Mom was dealing with some sort of nasty flu-bug, so for her, the boat trip was definitely a no-go.

So, we came up with a Plan B. We all went to see "Transformers". I know, doesn't sound quite like the chick-flick you'd expect "the twins" to pick out, but don't knock it 'til you watch it - it's actually a VERY FUN movie (outside of a little language and "references" that we pray flew right over the heads of our boys). The positive side of a movie - it's always a fun diversion for a couple of hours, a no-brainer in terms of entertaining the kids, and one of my favorite eating venues. (Popcorn and candy from a movie theater - ahhhhh, the bliss of it!)

KFC also had to be on the docket for our birthday, so that's what we just finished, all lounging in the living room (except for my dad who went home after the movie) while "Pimp My Ride" is on the television (a special request from Traig - clearly, NOT my choice, but that's really okay - the rest of the group can only tolerate "High School Musical" so many times).

Overall, not a bad way to spend our birthday. As the weather cleared and temps inched toward 90 this afternoon it was hard not to wonder if we shouldn't have been on the boat, but I gotta say, right now, while lounging, it's nice to not deal with all of the extra work that would have entailed.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend - We're looking forward to a crazy week with 4 extra people in the house as Michele's girls are in a "Fairy Tale Dance Camp" with Mikayla and Traig is at UO Sports Camp while Brayden (and his buddy, Andrew) head off to "Grease Academy" where they'll learn some songs and moves to perform in the Entre'Act at the "Grease" Musical being performed this weekend. Then, this weekend, both boys and dads will take off for "Boys Round-Up". You know what all this means? Get set for a lot of "kids' scrapbook style" posts. =)


Colie said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a great celebration even though you were not on the water. KFC - you are hillarious!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Girls! Let's enjoy this middle year before we start that downhill slide to 40...I'm with you, summer bdays are the best! (And you get more presents.)

HollieHobbie said...

I can't wait to see what your kids are doing this week. Sounds really cool. When are they going to Cmap Harlow? See you at Colin's campout?