Saturday, July 21, 2007

Providing a Reason to Celebrate

Last summer, our friends, Randy and Nancy had a party at their beautiful home to thank everyone for helping them move. It was such a great summer evening party that both Michele and I tried to figure out how we could get Nancy and Randy to repeat it. Since they weren't planning on moving, we used our birthday as an excuse, hence this evening a bunch of well-clad beautiful people got together and had a terrific evening celebrating summer, and just a little bit, Michele and I's birthday (we turn 35 tomorrow).

Pete and Hollie were surprise special guests which made the evening that much more festive and fun. They both look great- what smiles and laughter they share with everyone they are around!

The evening was just as memorable and special as we had hoped, thanks Mom, for having us at the time of year that you did so we could use our birthday as an excuse to celebrate and party.

From left to right: Michele, Stephie, Lisa, Christy, Hollie, me, and Amy

More beautiful ladies: Nancy (the hostess with the mostest), Christy, Denise, Teresa, and Kris

Dear friends, Hollie and Lisa

Michele, looking very hot tonight, with her hubby, Michael

The guys, in an attempt to thoroughly embarass us, brought out identical presents for the "ideal date night" - gift certificates to Olive Garden, Regal Cinemas, and a little "something special" from Victoria's Secret. Certainly, it brought a blush to our faces, and money to my wallet when it all got returned today! (just the last gift....)

The "twins"


HollieHobbie said...

It was equally fun for us to be there! Thanks for letting us crash it last minute.
ps: how much time do you spend on the trampoline? That five minutes that I was on there almost killed me!
Happy Birthday!

JustMe said...

I really like your blond highlights, and I really like Michele's top. Where's the photo of that special something dangling naughtily from your pinky finger? You opened that thing like you didn't want anyone to see it...Gifts are no fun unless you pass them around and/or try them on, Steph.

StephieAnne said...

I didn't feel like the picture of me trying it on was blog worthy, Heather! Actually, Michael had some other fun pictures, but he didn't email those to me. LIke I said - they got taken right back to the store!!!