Thursday, July 05, 2007

Running Just to Catch Myself.......

....or perhaps, my twin sister-

The Official Butte to Butte post-

At 6:30 Wednesday morning, I have to tell you, I was really questioning our decision to run the 6.2 miles that it takes to complete the Butte to Butte race. Why, when I could be sleeping in, or making carmel rolls for the family, was I donning a paper number to my stomach (which was full of butterflies) and hopping in a vehicle at 7:10 am to stand around with a bunch of ultra-athletes to torture myself?

To tell the truth, I have been preparing for this event since May. Prior to May, I've never ran more than a four mile distance - so when I hit 5 miles on the treadmill I had to call everyone I knew - what a huge deal to me (however, after brother in law runs 100 miles - it kind of takes the wind out of the achievement....... =) ) Michele was already running and getting in primo shape (she looks awesome) - so when she suggested doing the Butte to Butte with John - my pride interceded and I agreed to the crazy event. My mistake.

The time before the race started seemed to drag, so I can't tell you how fun it was to run into Michele and I's favorite teacher - Mr. Halupa, his wife, daugter, and grandson - also ready to take off. In fact, I got so distracted by them, that when the race began, I hadn't even figured out my i-pod to get the music prepped for the most dreaded first mile - all uphill. That was problem #1. I'll go ahead and list the rest of the problems that morning-

#1- I-pod malfunction - couldn't figure how to start Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American (God Bless the USA)" and then put it in the armband without turning it off. Hence, I let Michele get us up the hill way too quick because I was so distracted. Good news, I didn't realize how "hurting" I was until we were practically moving backwards at the steepest crest - bad news, I was ready to throw up and totally overheated and had only completed mile one.

#2- After running downhill for the next mile, in the shade, and figuring out my i-pod, I was starting to get my groove (I also made Michele slow it down a bit, I mean, it's not a race - well, I guess it is, but not for us.....) so just as I was feeling like I might be back in this thing, I totally turned my ankle. Fortunately, that former teacher of mine had just passed us, so I didn't attract the kind of attention I didn't need at that point. I continued running, hopefully, I could shake it off.

#3- By about mile 4, I had worked out the ankle thing, to some extent, and had found a few sprinklers and water cups to douse myself. This was a good thing. But, wouldn't you know, that cooling effect of the water - had an adverse affect - can you say "severe chaffing"? Oh, man, that was worse than the ankle - it hurt every time I moved those thighs. Where's some Desitin when you need it?

#4 - Running with Michele - Absolutely the only reason I finished the race still running (and not succumbing to the desired walk pace) - but, pretty much the only reason I decided to race in the first place. And, unfortunately, why I'm sure I'll do it again next year - and this time see if we can't beat that 1 hour and 10 minute end time. Love you Michele - thanks for hanging in there with me - what an UNBELIEVABLE memory running through the chute - with the crowd cheering and Mom looking on - very proud of you!

As for the extra players - John and Travis both ran as well - Travis, who had been training very conscientously, did fantastic - even passed one of his "friend/competitors" in the last stretch. Way to go, dude. John, who, due to some calf injuries, hadn't been training for the last 6 weeks - had a not so happy experience, but finished just barely over an hour, nonetheless. Proud of you too, honey!


HollieHobbie said...

Way to go, you guys!

Colie said...

Congratulations Steph and Chele! I'm oh so proud and WOW - you both look HOT. No, not HOT in the weather but smokin' thin and fit.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Colie, you and Michele look reunion-ready. :) The UO and OSU tanks are pretty funny. So Hoops has a grandson? That's probably been a thrill for him.

You have every right to be really proud. The caramel rolls will taste even better a few days later when you're nursing those aches and pains....