Friday, May 25, 2007

Scenes from Sunriver

I just can't tell you how great the day has been. In the last couple of years there have been situations and reasons why things have been a bit less than ideal. This year, everyone here seems to all be in a sort of "cloud 9" state - the kids have been playing tremendously together (and staying out of our hair), it's just been GREAT- here's some pics of day one of our get-away-
all 18 of us set off on mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, tag-a-long bikes, bike seats, or bike trailers. I discovered something amazing - a "cruiser bike" keeps my head and neck in perfect posture and has the potential to revolutionize my enthusiasm for bike-riding. In the past couple of years, bike riding has been something I've enjoyed, but knew I would pay a hefty price for (in terms of headache due to posture)- thanks to the bikes here at the house, I think that might all change....
The back-seat driver on my bike
Some of the adults of the group hanging in the kitchen
all 10 kids eating lunch prior to our bike ride
The youngest three are quite a trio- Ellie and Jackson have a "thing" for each other, and Adam is constantly bringing smiles to our faces, Michele snapped a great shot of them all happy at the hot tub
John did an excellent job grilling this huge platter of marinated tri-tip -
This is a very happy sight for me - perhaps one of my favorite meals of all time - tri-tip, baked beans, bbq chips, corn on the cob, raspberry pretzel salad, topped off with marionberry cobbler for dessert......


Jodi said...


Looks like a blast, although the pictures alone make me tired!

We might see you on the trails Monday...

amy said...

What a great set of pics. It looks like you are all having so much fun. What kind of bike is it? It sounds like something I could use. We are hoping to look at a few new bikes for the family to be healthy, but to help cut down on the gas bill.

StephieAnne said...

Actually, the bike is the same one that Lisa (the un-helmeted one!) is riding. However, Lisa and I (who both want a cruiser bike now) have seen models that look a little more sporty with gears as well.

BTW, Amy congratulations to Emma, Mikayla did Hosanna dance this year and we were so pleased to see Emma's name in the program - way to go!