Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Life These Days.....

I figure it's time to post again but I really haven't had anything profound to write about, so I guess I'll just address the mundanes of my life- Here's a sampling of what consists of my life these days......

- nighttime protein smoothies with orange juice, strawberries, vanilla protein powder and sugar free vanilla syrup - not too bad, actually
- soccer games for Brayden with such GREAT kids - I can't tell you how awesome it is to see how they respond when someone gets injured - they all take a knee in reverence - really cool. I consider his class so sweet, supportive, and innocent, but I don't think they've lost one game yet. Somewhere over the last couple of years this team has gotten just awesome, and Brayden's doing his part too. Quite inspiring.
- daily dates with the cardio room at ESTC - rotating between the EFX, Elliptical Machine with bars, and the treadmill
- a house that I just can't seem to get a handle on, perhaps because, lately, I've spent very little time in it
- kids restless with summer fever, particularly with the temps as warm as they've been (Praise God)
- a Tuesday Bible Study that's been the best group I've been a part of in years..... yesterday discussing "submission" - now there's a heavy topic
- finally getting to see my mom again after her adventures in Portugal - and trying to convince her to speak about her experiences to Brayden's class (his teacher asked), but her being a little concerned about it (yes, Mom, the kids will love you, they'll think you're beautiful, funny, and full of adventure......)
- preparing mentally for Mother's Day with 5 kids. Thanks Schillings, I can't wait..... actually, it will be fun, but something tells me I'll be doing just a little work and effort on the day Moms are supposed to have the day off.....

So, there you go - interesting stuff, eh? Today, I'm going to help weed lawns for a family that are strangers to me, but friends of one of my friends - the dad just found out he has stage 4 brain cancer - that tends to put all of this mundane-ness right into perspective, I'd say.......which is why I thank God for it all-

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