Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Love Is in the Air

For the past three years we have taken a group trip to Sunriver for Memorial Day weekend. This year is no exception. Part of the fun of preparation for me is realizing that the week prior to going is the last week for tv finales. So, I have had fun memories of packing clothes and food and baking cookies while watching season enders. Last night I watched "Heroes" in the bonus room (I sure hope Parker doesn't die....) and then John and I watched the finale to "Bachelor".

Yes, I know that show has a terrible track record. Sometimes, it can be just plain awful. But, I have to say, this season has been pretty good. Andy Baldwin, from my perspective, has been a very above-board, honorable guy - and very serious about choosing his "soulmate". From the start, I've rooted for a gal named Tessa, partly because I've liked her and related to her trepidation about the whole process and partly because she very much reminds me of a very classy friend of mine. It came down to two woman I think he legitmately believed he loved. Poor Bevin is going to need some serious counseling because he did end up sending her home and asking Tessa to marry him. I know, I know - will it last? Well, I'm rooting for this couple, because love doesn't follow a rule-book, every relationship and "story" is different - and well, I'm just rooting for them. Needless to say, it was very ROMANTIC.

Ironically, watching this show came on the very same day that I heard some news about another friend of mine. Very good news, incredible news - news we've been praying for for a couple of years. Let's just say it relates to the the title of the post - and hearing about it literally brought tears to my eyes (Michele's too, I might add), chills down my neck, and praises to God. We've been praying and believing that such a "story" would happen for this friend, but to see it actually unfold (or at least hear about it) - oh, it's just amazing. I'm SO HAPPY for her.

So, 'tis the season for love - and for me, more packing and tv finales too.

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HollieHobbie said...

awww I am so happy for your friend too! I bet her story will be inspiring to any singles who don't have a "good one" in sight.