Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day 2007

Good Morning! I hope all you moms out there are "feeling the love" this morning, and at the very least, were blessed with a really great cup of coffee (or, in my case) Russian Tea.

Here's a pic of how I spent my morning shortly after waking up - we're in Mikayla's room, FYI - my room obviously doesn't look like that -
I was blessed with a Plug and Play, Disney Dance Dance Revolution game. It is what I asked for, but I'm a little disappointed it only comes in "Plug and Play" format vs. PS2, so I can't use it with the 2 dance mats we already have and do it side by side. I'll add in my comments if I think the $19 cost is worth it to purchase for other families. I also scored a jacket John found on clearance that fits PERFECT, and future luxury time at Bello Spa....... OH YEAHHHHHH!
However, this was one of my favorite presents, a card Brayden made in school. I love it so much because it shows he really does know what makes me tick - sometimes I feel like I'm not getting through.......but, he knows - particularly that I love him and think he is very special - what could be a better gift from your child..........

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StephieAnne said...

Disney Plug and Play DDR- only so-so. The mat quality isn't that great, so it's a let-down compared to the version I got a few years ago - but it is great to step to the beat of Disney songs, even if they do have a techno sound quality vs. some of the very strange offerings of the traditional PS2 version.