Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sunriver in Pictures

I thought I'd try to do a recap of the last couple of days in pictures. It has been practically perfect, minus the stomache flu that hit hard for me on Sunday (at least it didn't involve throwing up)..... Such self control required to make myself avoid all of the amazing indulgent food here to let it pass!

One of the more hillarious moments of our trip - amidst our annual gift exhange, this was given to Michael and Michele from the Whites - I think it can all be said that we are so proud of my sis and her family for making lemonade out of lemons with their life, and as most of you have received her Christmas letter, things look like they are looking up for the future. However, we still like to have fun laughing at the whole trailer thing (with their joint laughing permission) - and this present was a indeed a hit and has been the running joke all week.....

At Sage Springs Spa:
blurry on purpose - ignore Chele and I, just a look at the hot tub they have there
the serenity room - and Michele in her HAPPY PLACE (she finished the book she began in the hot tub just seconds before her name was called for her massage)
the kids painting their plastic dogs
both dogs - absolutely exhausted

On Tuesday, Brayden and John set for the mountain for Brayden to have his first ever experience snowboarding. He'd voiced a lot of interest, so we tried to do things right by getting him started with a lesson...
On the skilift...
According to John, Brayden really made a huge effort - and ended up surprising him with his talent and application of what he'd learned. Brayden doesn't really show a lot of passion in specific activities, so it's really cool to know he totally embraced this. Too bad it happens to be one of the most expensive sports you could pursue.....

One very proud daddy!

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