Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Advent Devotionals

I've been looking for a site that has daily Christmas devotionals and stumbled across this one. So far, I've really enjoyed it. Thought I'd let you know.....


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Anonymous said...


I tried emailing this to you but it bounced back as "mailbox unavailable" so...

I finally had an opportunity to listen to Colin's testimony about his struggle with homosexuality. I want to thank you for sharing the information - it was so moving, and his pain was so evident - but so was his amazing dependence on Christ.

I have a couple good friends here in town who are lesbians, and strong Christians, and have always been really uncomfortable with how to handle that...Colin gave me
some good perspective.

You know, I used to be such a proud person who felt "better" than others, but it was only because I was able to keep my biggest sins a secret. The whole situation with Isabel was a watershed moment in my lfie. Now I identify with the sinners and
like Colin, I have such a heart for the people in my community who are hurting, and addicted, and I want to find ways to reach out to them instead of just wishing
they'd go away! Life just seems like it's going to be too short to help all the people I want to help.

Thanks again!