Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mikayla the Kitten

Another year at pre-school, another Christmas pageant production. This was our easiest costume assignment yet, a kitten. That, we could do with minimal effort (in comparison to the squirrel and cow of years past). Mikayla did wonderful, watching her do the hand motions of "Away in the Manger" was priceless. Once again, it is just so amazing to watch her vs. Brayden.... she just sits there with a smile on her face, happy to do whatever she's supposed to - and Brayden, well, even at age 7, he was hard to control just sitting beside us on the pew (such a squirmy guy.....). I love the differences, though -

Our little kitten:
Mikayla and her fan club:


Stephietoo said...

Ok, second time is a charm. I just tried to post a looooong comment and it told me that my username and password didn't work. I had to recreate my whole login account.

Travis and I had such a great time at the pageant last night. I forgot how adorable preschool pageants are. I had three favorites of the night:

3. Brayden squirming between Stephie and I. Jumping up from his seat and doing a little dance to the lyrics of songs. Then telling us all that he could not see and that is why he kept standing up and jumping around. I finally swooped him up and plopped him on my lap to give him a booster seat so he could see better. I just love that little man!

2. I have forgotten how loud preschoolers sing at their pageants. Listening to them start a song out so quietly, and then start screaming the lyrics was too cute! It made me crack up also!

And finally.....

1. Seeing my little Kay-Kay sitting up on the stage, looking so beautiful. Having her look at me, wave, and then smile so big. Then she would look at Travie, wave, and smile so big. She wouldn't stop waving until we waved back. Too precious for words. And then having her run up to me afterwards and jump into my arms and give me a bigggggg hug. The joy, love, and happiness in my heart last night was HUGE!

Man, I love those kids so much! I wish I had another Riley kid to love..... hint, hint....... ;o)~

Thank you John and Stephie for inviting Travie and I to Kay-Kay's pageant.

StephieAnne said...

You're welcome, OF COURSE, on the invite, but fat chance on the hopes for a third....!