Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Nativity Story

Today we took the family to see "The Nativity Story" at the theater (yes, lots of movie going these days - we'll go as many times this week as we usually do in a half a year....). I bought the tickets yesterday and as there were limited viewing times, I figured there would be plenty of space in the theater. Imagine my surprise when the place was filled up - a happy sight, especially when we found four good seats.

I was a little nervous bringing the kids and the opening scenes didn't do much to encourage me as it showed the carrying out of Herod's orders in eliminating the young boys of Bethlehem. However, don't let that discourage you from going.....

I had tears running down my face on numerous occassions. Perhaps it's my "media-filled" upbringing, but somehow seeing the story I've known and read all my life play out on a big screen was surreal, and yes, incredible.

The quiet relationship of Joseph and Mary, the encouragement Mary received from Elizabeth, the look in Mary's eye when Joseph revealed he believed her (after being visited by an angel in his dream) - and of course, the birth and all who were able to behold Him. It is most definitely a movie we will be purchasing and had the very effect I was hoping for in bringing perspective to our family during this most precious time of year.

Brayden (age 7) did great through the movie - and had many questions he wanted to talk to Daddy about throughout. Mikayla was appropriate, but chose to sleep through the movie (her snoring cracked us up). Though it's rated PG, the content is not something that would necessarily captivate a young viewer.

On a final thought, Brayden suggested how much he wished it was the "Riley Family" that would have been picked to have Baby Jesus. It was an interesting and comical conversation that ensued thereafter in realizing what it would be like to have Jesus as your baby brother. When Brayden realized he would NEVER win an arguement with this little guy.... I think he was content with the idea that Mary was Jesus' mommy and not me........

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