Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Searching for the Sun

By the time mid-January rolled around, I was SO DONE with the fog that had fully been blanketing Eugene for days.  If you traveled an hour in practically any direction, you'd find sunshine, but for whatever reason, on many occasions, Eugene (and even more specifically, North Eugene- where we live), it is just gray, gloomy, and cold.  

So, I did what needed to be done.  I got on my computer and looked over the TripCheck cameras of Oregon and figured out where was the closest location that showed sunshine.  And the winner was...Cottage Grove.  It's about a half hour south (it is where we take out boat out on the lake there) - and let me just say, so well worth the drive to find some blue sky and sunshine.  As a person who recognizes a tendency towards Seasonal Affective Disorder, this sort of adventure feeds my soul.  

Unfortunately, I didn't have a clear cut plan on what we'd do once we got to Cottage Grove.  Even trying to Google parks in Cottage Grove offered little help.  So, I relied on the navigation system in my vehicle - it will show green spaces where there are parks or golf courses - and I just followed the green.  Cottage Grove is NOT a big town, so it didn't take long.  =)

Eventually, we came across a little corner lot park that was all fenced in for safety (as roads were on both sides).  We were all by ourselves for Whitley to explore every nook and cranny.  Unfortunately, despite the sun break, it was still really cold, but Whitley was undeterred in pursuit for fun.  (Just as I was in my pursuit for sun!).

Sun brings out the smiles in both of us!!!

She loved this little took some time for her to feel confident to do it, but once she drummed up the courage, she was all about crossing it constantly.  

In the distance, where the street lights are, is where a train came through.  It was probably the longest train I've ever witnessed.  We walked down the sidewalk to check it out more closely.  It definitely added to the fun of the impromptu adventure we took.  

Sure enough, as we drove back home, feeling refreshed, the fog literally set in within a mile from our house.  It made the decision to "get outta dodge" feel so absolutely right!

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