Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Little January Hotel Stay

In the past couple of years, our hotel stays have been determined and dictated by Mikayla's Webfoot Club Volleyball schedule.  But, this year, with Brayden playing Sunday lacrosse games, and many of her games more local - John and I were looking at a lot more "splits" where one of us would support one kid (sport) while the other parent supported the other one.

So, while we had the opportunity on a semi-open weekend, we decided to do a "get-away" just because.  Well, we did have a purpose, in that a lot of our Christmas purchases were necessitating returns or exchanges that required a trip up to Portland anyway.  Shopping matches well with a hotel stay...

So does an indoor pool, cozy tv watching in the room, a hot tub, and take-out from Applebees.  

A good little get-away.... =)

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