Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kaela's Bridal Shower

On Sunday, those of us living down south in Eugene got the opportunity to celebrate Kaela.  Ashley (left) and Christi - as the two bridesmaids of the bunch living down here, put together a stunning afternoon shower.  I think it was EXACTLY what Kaela had in mind.  It was simple, no silly games (thank you!), beautiful, and packed with people that just adore this precious gal. 

Everyone went around the room and introduced themselves and how they know Kaela, then Kaela talked about where she's at with wedding plans and future plans, and then presents were opened.  All the while, delicious food was available to scarf down daintily eat while sitting at the tables.  

The collage version of this picture was actually better than this one I pulled up - but before folks departed, we were able to get those of our Bible Study girls that were able to attend gathered for a picture.  

It was a special afternoon dedicated to a very special lady.  Can't wait to see you tie the knot on January 31st, Kaela!

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