Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Making the Most of Heather's Visit

When Heather told us that she'd be spending the week prior to Kaela's wedding in Oregon, we made sure to book out some time to spend with us girls.

We knew Heather would love "Get Air" - especially since the girls were sure to love it, and when they are happy and giddy - everyone else can't help but be too.  

Whitley took no time acquainting Heather with all the place had to offer. 

Here's the slope slide I referenced before...

And the balls in the Dodge Ball Room...

The Slack Line Pit.

Love these shots!

Elsie's my best bud when it comes to the slope slides.  During this visit, the baby inside of Christi was letting her know that the jumping wasn't as appreciated, so I stepped in and took more turns with Els.

And, of course, plenty of turns with this one.  

Nope, this little girl wasn't one of "ours".  Her mom was watching from the sidelines and due to her own pregnancy, was also opting to not participate.  But, her daughters were so drawn by our exclamations of fun "sliding" - she came up and asked if she could have a turn.  After making sure with Mom that it was okay - I gave them each two turns.  (And ended up exhausted....)

We figured we'd "Go Big" and give Heather the full extent of fun by following up "Get Air" with lunch at Papa's.  Undoubtedly, these girls will equate a visit from Heather being a WHOLE LOT OF FUN!

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