Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ducks Play for the National Title!

Today was the DAY!  The day Duck fans across the country eagerly awaited and hoped for - the day we could potentially prove to everyone, once and for all, that we are worthy to be considered the BEST TEAM IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

It was really kind of a festive, surreal day in Eugene.  Signs were posted all over in small businesses about how they'd be closing early for the game.  And EVERYONE was dressed in Duck attire.  Everyone, that is, except this little girl.  So, upon arrival, I scoured the "Keepsake Clothing" and put together an outfit worthy of being a Duck.  This little Joey Harrington Jersey was worn by Brayden - WAYYYY back in the day when Joey played for the Ducks.  We got a lot of comments wherever we went of how cute Whitley looked.  

Yelling "O" or "Go Ducks"...

I thought Mikayla had once worn that jersey - but the picture I found upon going back in the blog was her dressed like this.  What a cutie....

There's no dieting on a National Championship Game in which your team is represented, that is FOR SURE.....diet starts January 13th....

We invited the Quigleys and Harris Family over...John and Dennis giving me some good pre-game "O"'s.

Mikayla spent the time totally bonding with Elsie.  They became fast friends....and have remained that way since.  I see a potential babysitting gig for Mikayla in the future.... ;)

So, about that game.  Well, we started strong.  Scored right away.  Kept it close enough until half.  Had a comeback - and then....it went south in a bad way.  Ohio State just dominated and they definitely earned their victory.  Sigh, another National Championship, another loss.  But, hey, WHAT A SEASON!!!!

Let's just say, Tuesday, January 13th was not an easy day for a lot of Eugenians.  There had been a lot of hype and then a lot of let down.  But, Whitley was kind enough to encourage me to get out of the house and take a stroll around the block with her and along the way, we came across these daffodil bulbs proving there's always another new season ready to spring forth and give hope.   (And, I'm not just talking football). 

Whitley also used that time to go crazy with the camera phone - that's her new thing.  Like 150 pictures of the inventory on the shelves at Target sort of thing.  But, hey, if it keeps her happy, so be it.  Thanks Whitley, for getting me to smile.  =)

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