Friday, January 23, 2015

Return to Wildlife Safari

After the success of the summer at Wildlife Safari with Michele and the girls, when I saw a Groupon offer up discounted passes, I figure I couldn't pass it up.  However, with it set to expire at the end of January, I figured we better put it on the calendar.  We picked a day Mikayla had off so she could accompany Christi, Elsie, Whitley, and myself to see the animals.

While it was a bummer that the bears were not able to be viewed (my faves...but, oh yeah, hibernation) - we did manage to come at a prime time for a lot of other animals that got very close up and personal with us.

Elsie was enchanted, but not super daring with all of these animals...

We got so close to this rhino! 

Whitley, loved the animals, but, I think she was even more enamored with the opportunity to crawl all over Christi's lap while I drove.

"Look Elsie, check out that funny monkey!"

Mikayla is such a natural with the kids.  She has more of a sibling (sparring) relationship with Whitley, but takes huge efforts in pleasing Elsie.

This snake - OH MY!  It was ginormous....

A little time on the playground...

Another awesome visit!  Both girls slept on the way home - it was a big success!

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