Friday, January 30, 2015

Lil' Kickers Soccer

Just in case I've never made this clear, Whitley is a VERY BUSY little girl.  She's a little bit like a lab puppy.  If you don't get her active and going, expiring some of that energy, you are probably going to regret it by the end of the day.  She likes to move and go.  In light of this, when I saw a flier at Kick City that indicated they have classes for soccer for kiddos as young as Whitley, I asked Travis and Stephanie if they would like to sign her up.  After assuring them that I would welcome a class to help exert some of that energy, they went ahead and signed her up for a class on Friday mornings.  The first class was set to begin on a day that Mikayla didn't have school, so I was thrilled when I realized for the first lesson that Mikayla could stand in as the "parent" required to participate.  Then, it got even better when I asked Heather if she'd be available to participate - and she was able to as well!  How awesome is this!

She couldn't wait to get out on the indoor field and start kicking and playing.  

There are actually only two little ones signed up for this particular class, which is great, but puts it at risk for it being canceled.  (So if you know any 2 and 1/2 year olds, sign them up!).  But, it sure was a great ratio of kids to adults in this particular session!

Playing "Red Light, Green Light".  

After the class, we swung by Sonic and enjoyed a post-workout treat/lunch - and then bid Heather farewell until we'd see her again at Kaela's wedding.  I suspect this next week, Whitley is going to have a major let-down when she realizes "My Heather" isn't going to be in attendance at every soccer class she attends....just Aunt Stephie.  :(   Sigh, I'll be missing her too, Whitley. 

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