Friday, February 01, 2013

Fro Yo Birthday Time

HAPPY FEBRUARY 1ST!!!  I really do enjoy flipping out of the January calendar each year.  One month closer to sunshine.... (and let me tell you, January in Oregon was one very "sun-less" month).

Last night, instead of gathering at my house for our "Thursday Night Ladies" Bible Study, we opted instead to set the time later and meet at Dickie Yo's to celebrate the February birthdays of Darcy and Elaina.  Darcy is now in the Education Grad program at UO, so she (sadly) has classes on Thursday nights, keeping her from being with us most of the time.  I was glad we were able to work around her schedule to honor her Thursday (and let her know she's in our hearts even when she's not in our presence).  We had also intended to celebrate Elaina's birthday - who is also frequently missing from our Thursday Nights due to trips to Portland to see family, but she wasn't able to make it as she was feeling sick.  =(

It was a light-hearted atmosphere, short and sweet, as we enjoyed each others' company and tasty fro yo.  (Tiffany, I thought of you as I chose "Georgia Peach"!)

Darcy is such a beautiful woman, inside and out.  Talk about a gal with a pure heart for the Lord!!!

A special shout out as well to my buddy, Michael Chase, who works there and was able to entertain us and take our group pic.  Despite the fact that we were still missing several girls from our group, I'd consider the evening a success in knowing we celebrated Darcy!

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Tiffany said...

hehehe...I hope you enjoyed!;) And, so glad you are feeling better!!