Sunday, February 03, 2013

Not Much of a Superbowl Sunday

Gosh I'm glad we chose to not host a "Superbowl Party" like we have for the past several years.  If we had, it probably would have been year #2 of me having to sit out of the celebration - in the bedroom instead with a headache.   And, this year, John's feeling under the weather too...we would have been horrible hosts!

Fortunately, at the time of typing this, I'm feeling much better.  John drove me out to Mom and Dad's this morning so Mom could work on me.  I felt awful for asking as they are on "day 10" of a bad respiratory virus, but fortunately, are feeling on the upswing themselves.  As usual, Mom was able to fix me up.  The headache pain I've been having more recently is actually in the head itself - for whatever reason, it's as if the bones of my skull are wedging against each other, and she is able to "release it".  I have no idea why....leave it to me to invent new ways to get headache pain. 

So, despite having a PILE of things to do, I find myself instead just hanging out on the couch- not getting much of any of it accomplished - weary of having the pain return.  We just watched Phil Mickelson win the Phoenix Open (we really like that guy) - and will soon be rooting for one of the former UO players to win the Superbowl (there are alum on both teams, so I'm kind of on the fence as to who I want to win). 

I hope your Superbowl Sunday is much more exciting than ours...

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