Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Change of Plans

Around 11pm on Monday night, I started to guess my neck might have kinked a bit while trying to read my Kindle (and undoubtedly due to driving stress to and from San Fran) - and guessed I might be in for it in the morning.  Yup.  It was a problem.

Earlier in our adventures Michele had hinted about how cool it would be to have one more day, so it was already in the back of my mind of what that could mean for our adventure.  We had already decided to take it easy on Monday morning and not be over-the-top rushed to get out of there.  So, through the slow pace of the morning, I had time to consider whether or not this headache was bad enough to justify getting out of all of our responsibilities for Tuesday as we'd be driving home that day instead.

So, once I figured out that Whitley had a place to go on Tuesday (thank you Grandma Sheryl!), we made it official and booked the room for one more day.  The girls were SO HAPPY!

I thought I'd be good enough to run another quick stop at the Jelly Belly Factory to pick up some more specific flavors that our family members requested and then to Safeway for dinner for the evening.  Sadly, I couldn't even get through Safeway - I ended up filling up one of their grocery bags with deli ice and laying in the backseat while the girls finished up.  Yup, definitely made the right decision in terms of going home a day later.

Fortunately, with the ice and laying flat, things were manageable.  Michele took the girls down to the pool for another fun adventure while I napped.  And, pretty much we just spent that extra day laying low, relaxing, and appreciating the fact we were still on vacation. 

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