Sunday, February 10, 2013

Red Robin....Again =)

We made it to Red Robin this afternoon.  Have you heard of that restaurant?  It was new to us, we kind of liked it ;)  

This time, we celebrated both John and Mikayla's birthdays with Mom and Dad - and since they were in town, the Schilling family was able to be there as well.  Good times, though, I have to admit, I was seated on the opposite end of the table from Mom and Dad so, I had virtually no conversation time with them.  Good thing I get to see them a lot more frequently with my frequent visits out to the house for bodywork sessions.

(I had to catch Traig when he was looking away as he's never a fan of picture taking)

The rest of the weekend was spent just catching up and hanging out with the Schilling family, as Michael was down to help their former youth pastor convert their garden shed into a "church office". They have launched a home church in their west Eugene neighborhood.  The low-key pace of this weekend was especially good for John as he's been fighting the same respiratory virus that Mom and Dad had this last week.  If it's a 10 day run....he should be feeling good by Wednesday. 

On Saturday, the Whites hung out for a bit, along with Heather.  We watched "Pitch Perfect" with Heather (not exactly kid-friendly, but very funny), and later in the evening, "Here Comes the Boom" (predictable, but clean and fun - we are definitely fans of Kevin James). 

Mostly, Michele and I read and did some planning for our upcoming plans.... On Friday morning, bright and early, we'll be taking off with our girls for our extended weekend roadtrip to San Francisco.  The weather forecast shows sunshine and temperatures in the mid-60's....WE CAN'T WAIT!!!! 

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