Friday, February 22, 2013

Back into the Swing of Things

The return home trip from California to Oregon was pretty uneventful.  We missed a turn-off and ended up driving through the capitol city of Sacramento - it added some time into our trip, but the kids got the bragging rights of having "visited" that city as well in their trip.  Michele drove the entire way, God bless her - as I alternated ice packs and kind of "checked out" in the passenger seat.  Again, "not miserable", but it would have been if I'd had to be the driver.  We still managed to make it home, even after getting gas and DQ in about 8 hours - and that includes navigating through snow at the pass level.  Way to go Michele!

As I mentioned earlier, on Wednesday, I was absolutely giddy to embrace sweet Whitley.  She gave me a beaming smile and my heart breathed a sigh of relief that she hadn't forgotten me in our six days apart.  Mikayla and I ended up visiting Mom and Dad that afternoon and Whitley did prove that she is getting to that age where unfamiliar is uncomfortable and she wants the security of the person she knows the best.  This proves a little difficult when that person is on the massage table getting the adjustments she so desperately needs to prevent more pain - but Mikayla and Dad were champs in walking her around outside and in (she likes their fish tank!) so Mom could do her magic.

This is the outfit she showed up in on Thursday - ADORABLE!  We're also realizing the special affinity Whitley has to "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" - we think her first words might be "Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse" (the words chanted at the beginning that make the clubhouse appear).  No surprise that Mickey is her favorite on the show, she wiggles and lights up whenever he comes on.  =) 

Thursday afternoon, Christi came by to visit with me - but, let's face it, Whitley was the biggest draw.  Starting this week, we've gotten to feed her breakfast and lunch, and Christi handled the lunch time.  She sure makes a mess, but it's fun nonetheless.  Not only was it a joy to have Christi there, but it was a huge help as I sorted laundry while she held her and put her to sleep.  WIN-WIN!

And, on Friday, Heather took her lunch (half) hour to come visit us.  We dined on PB&J's while Heather held Whitley as much as possible in her 20 minute visit. =)  It's so sad that that baby doesn't get any love......

I sent this earlier in the day to her to tell her Whitley was excited to see her...

When you start the week on a Wednesday, it's amazing how fast it flies by - and for sure it wasn't too harsh of a transition from our California vacation. 

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