Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Six Months Whitley!

It was back in December when I realized Whitley's six month birthday landed on Valentine's Day.  So sweet.  I just posted on how we celebrated it with a grand walk - but here are a few pictures I took a few weeks prior of her in a Valentine's outfit I couldn't help but get.

I'm typing this post-dated (so the day I'm typing is actually February 23rd), so I can tell you that by the time we returned from our California trip, it had been six days since I'd seen Whitley.  I missed her SO MUCH!  I was giddy in anticipation of Steph pulling in to our driveway on Wednesday morning, dancing around like I was waiting for a date to arrive.  She brings so much light to my life.

And, here is a video of Brayden getting Whitley to laugh the day before her birthday.  Definitely a love-love relationship between those two - though Whitley declined Brayden to be her Valentine, choosing her daddy instead.  =)

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