Sunday, February 03, 2013

Not Always Victorious, but Winners in Our Hearts

Yesterday was another 12 hours spent at a Webfoot Volleyball Tournament.  Fortunately, this tournament was in our own backyard, only about a 15 minute drive from our home.  Very nice.  Unfortunately, it was a bit of a rough day for our team.  We had expected to be playing teams near or below our talent level, and instead, they were predominately above us.  We'll drop in the rankings, but that's a good thing, as I'd love for this team to be able to compete against teams they are more likely to beat (which will be how the next tournament will be arranged) - and feel the fun of victory. 

They did play hard, though - and did win against one of the initial three teams we faced.  It's just hard when we see them have sparks of GREATNESS....I mean, this team started out ON FIRE, and looking to be unbeatable....and then, for whatever reason, they begin to lose momentum and self-destruct.  It is a team of kids that all "want this" and therefore get very down when they feel like it's not happening as it's supposed to.  I'm pleased, however, that for the most part, they don't get down on each other.  They all contributed to mistakes that were made yesterday, they are really pretty equally matched to one another ability-wise.

This is a picture of the team taken on Thursday evening.  They had a bonding Pizza-Party/Blanket-Making Party.  As the days are so long at the tourneys (and venues frequently cold) - blankets are a "must have".  

As a fan, it's been a while since I've been on this end of the win/lose column repeatedly.  Both the Ducks and Brayden's Pop Warner team had us seeing almost entirely wins.  But, in this case, you find yourself "detaching" in an effort to not get too caught up in the disappointment of seeing them lose.  It's draining.  (But, I suppose, it makes the few victories that much more exhilarating!).

A pic of Sophie and Mikayla watching on the sidelines, waiting for their game to start.

Travis, Stephanie, and Whitley - as well as Kimmie, all showed up for Mikayla's 10am game.  Sadly, that's one that they lost.  Later, Michele (who's family was in town to help their former youth pastor this weekend) and Heather came for her 1pm game.  They won that one....yeah!

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