Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weekly Whitley Fix

I can't imagine it's obvious on Facebook or Instagram just how much fun I've been having with Whitley during the weekdays.  =)  She's pretty amazing - it's hard to resist not doing everything humanly possible to see her smile or laugh at any given moment.

One thing that doesn't usually bring a smile is "Tummy Time".  Whitley is not a fan of being on her stomach, so between that and how often that girl is in someone's arms - she could use a little bit of intentional practice towards rolling over (at least that's what Steph's rooting for....I'm a hole lot less worried about the benchmarks and content to have her more stationary!)  Still, we aim for a few minutes of working on it every day.  A few minutes only, because she's quickly irritated being stuck that way.

The other milestone they are shooting to achieve by her 6 month birthday is sitting up on her own.  With a little bit of propping, I'd say she's got it!  =)

And, of course, they'd like her to know her ABC's by next month too....(ha, just kidding....).  She is attentive to being read to, though - very impressive - and definitely not staged - I just picked up my cell phone to snatch these shots.   I can't say enough how much I'm loving seeing my kids demonstrate some of the best of their characters when they are around Whitley.

Finally, my current cover photo on Facebook.....too bad that baby never gets any love or attention!

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