Friday, April 06, 2012

We Have a Teenager Now!!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAYDEN!!!  Today you are 13.  I can't believe it.  How did this happen?!

No matter how the time flew by at a pace inconceivably fast, we are so blessed to have you be our son.  You are such a bright light in our lives - when you in a good mood, it's hard to not be too.  I love your heart - how empathetic you are to those you care about, how you long for those in your life to be happy too.

I'm proud of your courage and maturity this year - it hasn't been an easy one, but I see God using the circumstances to refine you to be even stronger - and draw you closer to Him.

I love how much we can trust you to share your life with us - both emotionally and even still, in physical presence that you want to spend your time with your family.  You aren't ready to kick us to the curb yet. =)

While I don't want to see you get any older than you are, I am excited to see the man you are on the path to become.   I can't wait to see you take on the role of "big brother" with Baby Whitley all over again, and watch your gentleness and love emerge with her - that gift you demonstrate with the littler ones.

Your dad and I love you soooooo much.  You have so surpassed our wildest dreams as to what we could ever hope for in a son.   Happy birthday, TEENAGER!

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sara said...

teenager!! wow! Love that picture of him!!!